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My Services and Expertise

  • Create and manage a customized care team for the individual staying in their home. Or, facilitate transitions to assisted living or new home.


  • Considerable experience helping individuals (and their families) with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

  • As a geriatric case manager, I provide assessments and regular updates to family members and loved ones.

  • For out-of-town adult children and loved ones of the elderly client, I accompany client to doctor’s appointments, interact directly with the physician, relay important information, and assist in follow-up care. 

  • Encourage positive reminiscence; discuss loss when necessary. Try to achieve contentment (and even joy) for individual.

  • Work directly with individual - along with family members and loved ones – with compassion for all parties.

  • Through patience, humor, culture and song, I develop quick connections with the elderly that generate reminiscence, joy, meaning and purpose.

Meet Merrill

Hello!! I am a trained and compassionate gerontologist who provides and coordinates care for the elderly. With my training and experience, I can help you make the best decisions for yourself or your elderly loved ones who may need more assistance.
Whether this means transitioning to an assisted care facility or simply adding care at home, my goal is to make the process as easy as possible. And to advocate for my clients with empathy, dignity, and even some laughter and fun!




Phone: 917-885-1960

"Merrill has been a godsend for our family."

"Merrill has been a godsend for our family...she has continued to work with us to ensure our father's quality of life is as uncompromised as possible, becoming not just his friend, but ours as well." 

- Matt Rosenberger

"Merrill has a unique and deep ability to connect with people -- and in particular the elderly...She brings light and laughter wherever she goes."

- Kate Staley, PhD

"Thank you for your ongoing care and concern in helping [my relative] to navigate and, to the degree possible, enjoy what must more often than not be for him a very confusing world."  

- Sally C.

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